Forza India Academy - Why Us, How & What We Do

Why Forza India?

Forza India Academy aims to develop and grow football at the grassroots level in India by providing training prevalent in nations that are global leaders. We want our students to get the exposure of professional training and help inculcate values such as team work, decision making, respect, fair play etc. through football. Football is a sport which brings people from different walks of life together, and we wish to build a community along with the parents and get them involved in various activities as well. 

As we know, developing a football culture has been difficult in the past across India. Our goal is to inspire parents to involve their kids from the ages of 4 by letting them have a football at their feet and play around at home. The encouragement for a child has to come from the parents. Here, we pride on being more than just a regular football coaching centre. Our values are to involve the parent to a great extent to create a community. Also parents regularly volunteer and have an open two way communication street. Grassroots communities build football culture. Successful football nations are built on strong grassroots!

How we do it?

Our certified coaches implement the training through fun interactive sessions. They keep themselves updated with the latest coaching techniques and love to impart their knowledge to the young kids, and all this for a common cause, which is to improve and develop football in our beloved country.
We  eventually wish to grow our batches so that we can arrange for various football exchange programs which will give kids and the coaches exposure to different footballing cultures and education in different states and countries.
Making the kids understand the game and various other aspects of the game through the training sessions and also participating in recognised tournaments, gives them a real match like experience. Match experience helps kids get over their fears and learn to deal with the pressure at a very young age. Our goal is to give each child about 50 competitive games in a calendar year.

What else do we do differently?

The kids at Forza India are evaluated periodically through a series of tests. As mentioned earlier, we want to focus on the holistic development of a child and hence arrange workshops on nutrition, psychology etc to inculcate those values. Technology and data collection points are our friends and are an asset to all our grassroots programs. 
Are you intrigued yet? Read below to find out more about our dynamic team!

Our Lineup

Ajay Menon, Trequartista

Ajay has been an entrepreneur with a life long passion for football and an ambition to take India to the higher echelons of world football. His passion for Italian football and the complexities of the game.

has seen him dissect the very essence of how the game is played and coached in Italy. Having recently taken a leap of faith from the corporate world into the world of coaching, his aim is to give back all the knowledge to the bright young children of this country. He is the founder of AS Roma India and is actively promoting the club across the peninsula.

Instagram: @ajayrmenon_

Facebook: Ajay Menon

Twitter: @AjayRMenon_

LinkedIn: Ajay Menon

Lay Gala, Regista

Lay, looks like a quiet young lad with all the qualities of an introvert. But there is more than what meets the eye. As soon as ‘coach Lay’ enters the field, he is a changed man. With his hands on methodology of coaching, the players are put across rigorous hours of coaching with a smile on their faces. He always aims to strike a fine balance between tactical and technical drills. Lay has represented India at the u-20 Futsal World Cup held in Chile.  Lay is an integral part of the core team lending his hand in more than one sphere and has been on board since inception. 

Instagram: @laygalaofficial

Facebook: Lay Gala

Ashutosh Mishra, Porteire

Ashutosh comes with an experience of sales and marketing. He is currently driving the Business Development. He has a passion for eSports and all sorts of computer games. He can also be found playing the bass guitar in rock gigs across the city.  


Facebook: Ashutosh Mishra

Vipul Jajoo, Primapunta

Vipul comes with a bag of experience having worked with South United and Barca Academy. An astute tactician, Vipul is seldom seen without his note pad and pen.

Instagram: @keep_calm_and_behold

Facebook: Vipul Jajoo

Vinay Dhareshwar, Mezzala

Vinay’s love for football and digital marketing stemmed from the same place at the same time. Having completed his automobile engineering, Vinay decided to follow his heart which led him to football and nothing else! Vinay looks after the social media handles and is currently busy in developing quality content for Forza India.

Instagram: @vfactor_07

Facebook: Vinay Dhareshwar

Twitter: @vfactor07