Technology and sports are, in a lot of ways, opposites. While a sport usually represents technical rigidity combined with a primitive passion, technology symbolizes the growth and possibilities it offers every facet of life. Forza India combines the two to give its students a uniquely holistic training regimen that encourages development in ways that most academies don’t pursue.

            We record extensive video footage of our students, both from coaching sessions and any matches they play. It helps our coaches analyze their strengths and weakness, and students get to see their mistakes instead of simply being told about it. It also helps us track their progress over time, since we can compare their videos from different sessions to observe any improvement (or lack of it). This can be greatly motivating for children, for whom visible confirmation of their improvement can lead to a desire to go further and become better. Moreover, this helps us advice children regarding any incorrect techniques that may lead to injuries. Injuries are quite common in football even amongst professionals, but video footage helps us minimize the chances of our students suffering from them.

            In addition to videos, we at Forza India also utilise customer relationship management (CRM) applications to track data relating to our students. For our coaches, this is especially handy in tracking their growth over time and scrutinising areas that need improvement. These applications compliment our video recordings excellently. It gives us a directory to account for observations from footage and effectively share it with our students. It also allows students greater room is discussing their skills. Without this technology, students are forced to accept their mentors’ verdict regarding a particular performance. But with the incorporation of technology, they can participate in a much more active capacity in understanding their abilities and discussing it with their coaches.